This feature is experimental: expect things to break and documentation to be innacurate and change inadvertantly. Use at your own risks.
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uWSGI Official documentation


devops uwsgi start
Start uWSGI emperor if stopped
devops uwsgi stop
Stop uWSGI emperor if started
devops uwsgi restart
Restart uWSGI emperor, reload the configuration (but kills existing connection)
devops uwsgi app add
Add a new uWSGI application configuration


Name Type Description Required
listen string Listening HTTP address (either of "", or "port") - if not specified uses unix socket instead.
module string The uWSGI module to execute in the app (e.g. django.core.handlers.wsgi:WSGIHandler(), wsgihandler:application)
name string Name of the app Required
root string root folder of the application Required
virtualenv string Name of the virtualenv to use.