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Redis Official documentation


devops redis start
Start Redis if stopped
devops redis stop
Stop Redis if started
devops redis reload
Reload Redis, reload the configuration and perform a graceful restart
devops redis restart
Restart Redis, reload the configuration (but kills existing connection)
devops redis database backup
Backup database(s)


Name Type Description Required
path string Path to destination folder of the backup


aom.aof_rewrite_min_size string
Minimum size of the AOF to consider auto rewrite of the AOF based on the percentage
Default: 64mb
aom.aof_rewrite_percentage integer
Automatically trigger AOF rewrite if the AOF grows by more of the specified percentage (0 to disable)
Default: 100
aom.enable string
Enable Append Only Mode
Default: no
aom.filename string
Name of the append only file
Default: appendonly.aof
aom.fsync string
Fsync mode to sync the append only file
Default: everysec
aom.no_appendfsync_on_rewrite string
Define whether to (not) append fsync operations if another fsync op is already in progress
Default: no
bind string
Binding IP address.
databases integer
Number of databases within the redis server
Default: 1
limits.maxclients integer
Max number of clients connected
Default: 10000
limits.maxmemory integer
Maximum RAM used by Redis to store data (no limit by default) in bytes
limits.policy string
Define how Redis will remove keys when maxmemory is reached
Default: volatile-lru
limits.samples integer
Sample size to use to base the policy eviction for LRU and TTL policy algorithms
Default: 3
logfile string
Server log file
Default: /var/log/redis/redis-server.log
loglevel string
Server log verbosity
Default: notice
lua.time_limit integer
Time limit (in ms) for the execution of a LUA script
Default: 5000
port integer
Connection port.
Default: 6379
replication.is_slave string
Is this redis instance a slave?
replication.masterauth string
Redis master auth password (if required)
replication.masterip string
IP or host of the master server
replication.masterport integer
Redis port of the master server
Default: 6379
replication.ping_slave_period integer
Frequency (in sec) to ping the master server as health check
Default: 10
replication.priority integer
Slave priority
Default: 100
replication.read_only string
Make the slave server read-only (preferred option)
Default: yes
replication.serve_stale_data string
Slave redis serves stale data if the connection is lost with the master
Default: yes
replication.timeout integer
Timeout to Bulk IO transfer and ping response to mark the master as unreachable
Default: 60
security.requirepass string
Require a password to connect (either client or slave)
slowlog.log_slower_than integer
Execution time in microsecond to catpure the slow logs; negative value to disable; 0 to log all queries
Default: 10000
slowlog.max_len integer
Length of the slow log to capture (FIFO based)
Default: 128
snapshotting.dbfilename string
Filename where to dump the DB
Default: dump.rdb
snapshotting.dir string
Folder where to store the snapshots
Default: /var/lib/redis
snapshotting.rdbchecksum string
Enable database checksum (use ~10% extra CPU)
Default: yes
snapshotting.rdbcompression string
Enable database compression
Default: yes
snapshotting.save array
Array of save rules including seconds and number of changes that trigger a save
Default: [object Object],[object Object],[object Object]
syslog.enable string
Send log to syslog
Default: no
syslog.facility string
Syslog facility
Default: local0
syslog.ident string
Syslog identity
Default: redis
timeout integer
Close the connection after a client is idle for N seconds (0 to disable)