This feature is experimental: expect things to break and documentation to be innacurate and change inadvertantly. Use at your own risks.
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OpenVPN Official documentation


devops openvpn start
Start OpenVPN if stopped
devops openvpn stop
Stop OpenVPN if started
devops openvpn reload
Reload OpenVPN, reload the configuration and perform a graceful restart
devops openvpn restart
Restart OpenVPN, reload the configuration (but kills existing connection)
devops openvpn user add
Add OpenVPN client users and send credentials by email


Name Type Description Required
users array list of user objects Required


cipher string
Default: BF-CBC
dev string
Device type
Default: tun
dns1 string
DNS to propagate to the clients (default to OpenDNS)
dns2 string
DNS to propagate to the clients (default to OpenDNS)
group string
Running group of openvpn (must exist)
Default: nogroup
key.ca_expire integer
CA validity period (in days)
Default: 3650 string
Key city
Default: SanFrancisco
key.common_name string
Key Common Name (CN)
Default: server string
Key country
Default: US string
Key email
Default: admin@server
key.key_expire integer
Key validity period (in days)
Default: 3650
key.key_size integer
Increase key size if you are paranoid; it will slow down TLS negociation
Default: 1024 string
Key name
Default: server string
Key Organization
Default: Fort-Funston
key.org_unit string
Key Organization Unit (OU)
Default: server
key.province string
Key province
Default: CA
max_client integer
Maximum number of simultaneous clients
Default: 100
netmask string
Netmask to apply on IP range for clients
network string
Network IP range for clients
port integer
Listening port
Default: 1194
proto string
Default: udp
user string
Running user of openvpn (must exist)
Default: nobody