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MySQL Official documentation


devops mysql start
Starts MySQL.
devops mysql stop
Stops MySQL.
devops mysql reload
Reloads the MySQL configuration and performs a graceful restart.
devops mysql restart
Restarts MySQL and reload the configuration (this will kill existing connections).
devops mysql user add
Adds a MySQL user.


Name Type Description Required
hosts array Array of hosts the user will be allowed to connect from. ex. [localhost, 192.168.%]
name string User name Required
devops mysql database add
Adds a database.


Name Type Description Required
name string Database name Required
users array Array of users with full privileges on the database, users will be granted access from all their hosts. You can use any of the existing MySQL user
devops mysql database backup
Backup database(s)


Name Type Description Required
name array Database name, if not defined it will backup all the databases
path string Path to destination folder of the backup


auto_increment_increment integer
Auto increment.
Default: 1
auto_increment_offset integer
Auto increment offset.
Default: 1
base_dir string
Base folder.
Default: /usr
bind_address string
Binding IP address.
data_dir string
Database files path.
Default: /var/lib/mysql
databases array
Array of databases, defines a database and the permissions of the users
database.name string
Database name
database.users array
Array of users with full privileges on the database, users will be granted access from all their hosts
innodb.innodb_adaptive_flushing string
Specifies whether to dynamically adjust the rate of flushing dirty pages in the InnoDB buffer pool based on the workload.
Default: true
innodb.innodb_additional_mem_pool_size string
The size in bytes of a memory pool InnoDB uses to store data dictionary information and other internal data structures.
Default: 8M
innodb.innodb_buffer_pool_size string
The size in bytes of the memory buffer InnoDB uses to cache data and indexes of its tables.
Default: 128M
innodb.innodb_data_file_path string
The paths to individual data files and their sizes.
Default: ibdata1:10M:autoextend:max:500M
innodb.innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit integer
If 0 the log buffer is written out to the log file once per second. If 1 the log buffer is written out to the log file at each transaction commit and the flush to disk operation is performed on the log file. If 2 the log buffer is written out to the file at each commit but the flush to disk operation is not performed on it.
Default: 1
innodb.innodb_flush_method string
Flush method for InnoDB, either of fdatasync, O_DSYNC or O_DIRECT
Default: O_DIRECT
innodb.innodb_log_buffer_size string
The size in bytes of the buffer that InnoDB uses to write to the log files on disk.
Default: 8M
innodb.innodb_log_file_size string
The size in bytes of each log file in a log group.
Default: 5M
logs.log_error string
The location of the error log.
Default: /var/log/mysql/mysql.log
logs.log_queries_not_using_indexes string
If you are using this option with the slow query log enabled then queries that are expected to retrieve all rows are logged.
logs.long_query_time number
Increment slow_queries variable and log if a query takes longer than this many seconds.
Default: 1
logs.slow_query_log integer
Whether the slow query log is enabled.
Default: 1
logs.slow_query_log_file string
The name of the slow query log file.
Default: /var/log/mysql/slow.log
old_passwords integer
Allow old (non-secure) passwords.
pid_file string
Pid file.
Default: /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.pid
port integer
Connection port.
Default: 3306
query_cache.query_cache_limit string
Do not cache results that are larger than this number of bytes.
Default: 2M
query_cache.query_cache_size string
The amount of memory allocated for caching query results.
Default: 64M
replication.expire_logs_days integer
The number of days for automatic binary log file removal.
Default: 10
replication.log_bin string
Enable binary logging. The option value is the basename for the log sequence.
Default: mysql-bin
replication.log_bin_trust_function_creators string
Controls whether stored function creators can be trusted not to create stored functions that will cause unsafe events to be written to the binary log.
replication.log_slave_updates string
This option tells the slave to log the updates performed by its SQL thread to its own binary log.
Default: true
replication.max_binlog_size string
If a write to the binary log causes the current log file size to exceed the value of this variable then the server rotates the binary logs.
Default: 100M
replication.relay_log string
The basename for the relay log.
Default: relay-bin
replication.server_id integer
Is used in replication to enable master and slave servers to identify themselves uniquely.
Default: 10
replication.skip_slave_start string
Tells the slave server not to start the slave threads when the server starts.
Default: true
replication.sync_binlog integer
If the value of this variable is greater than 0 then the MySQL server synchronizes its binary log to disk (using fdatasync()) after every sync_binlog writes to the binary log.
Default: 1
socket string
Mysql listening socket.
Default: /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
tunable.back_log integer
The number of outstanding connection requests MySQL can have. In other words this value is the size of the listen queue for incoming TCP/IP connections.
Default: 128
tunable.key_buffer string
Size of the buffer used for index blocks. The key buffer is also known as the key cache.
Default: 256M
tunable.max_allowed_packet string
The maximum size of one packet or any generated/intermediate string.
Default: 16M
tunable.max_connections integer
The maximum permitted number of simultaneous client connections.
Default: 256
tunable.max_heap_table_size string
Maximum size to which user-created MEMORY tables are permitted to grow.
Default: 64M
tunable.net_read_timeout integer
The number of seconds to wait for more data from a connection before aborting the read.
Default: 30
tunable.net_write_timeout integer
The number of seconds to wait for a block to be written to a connection before aborting the write.
Default: 30
tunable.table_open_cache integer
The number of open tables for all threads.
Default: 1024
tunable.thread_cache_size integer
Number of threads the server should cache for reuse.
Default: 32
tunable.thread_stack string
The stack size for each thread.
Default: 256K
tunable.wait_timeout integer
The number of seconds the server waits for activity on a noninteractive connection before closing it.
Default: 180
users array
Array of MySQL users. Passwords are randomly generated.
user.hosts array
Array of hosts the user will be allowed to connect from. ex. [localhost, 192.168.%]
Default: localhost
user.name string
User name