• version control



devops git update
Clone or update a git repository


Name Type Description Required
dest string Folder where repository is cloned on the node Required
repo string URL of the git repository (http or ssh) Required
version string Version of the repository to checkout (HEAD, SHA-1, branch or tag name)
devops git config
Set git user configuration either globally or for a repo defined by its path on the system


Name Type Description Required
email string Email address of the user used to perform the commits Required
path string Path of the repo on the host where to set the git configuration, if no `path` provided perform a global setup
user string Full name of the user that will perform commits Required
devops git deploy
Commit and push the content of a folder to a remote repository


Name Type Description Required
branch string Remote branch to push the source content to (will be removed) Required
repo string Local folder where the repository is located Required
source string Source folder within the repo where the content to push is Required