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ElasticSearch Official documentation


The following services will automatically be installed along with the ElasticSearch service:


devops elasticsearch start
Start ElasticSearch if stopped
devops elasticsearch stop
Stop ElasticSearch if started
devops elasticsearch reload
Reload ElasticSearch, reload the configuration and perform a graceful restart
devops elasticsearch restart
Restart ElasticSearch, reload the configuration (but kills existing connection)


bind_host string
The IP address to bind to.
group string
Running group for the elasticsearch process
Default: elasticsearch
heap_size string
Heap size for the elasticsearch process (unit as 256m 1g)
Default: 256m
host string
Set both 'bind_host' and 'publish_host'. If defined it overrides both 'bind_host' and 'publish_host' settings.
http_port integer
Listening port for HTTP traffic
Default: 9200
plugins array
List of extra plugins to install
publish_host string
The address other nodes will use to communicate with this node.
transport_port integer
Listening port for inter-node traffic (cluster)
Default: 9300
user string
Running user for the elasticsearch process
Default: elasticsearch