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Docker Official documentation


The following services will automatically be installed along with the Docker service:


devops docker start
Start Docker if stopped
devops docker stop
Stop Docker if started
devops docker reload
Reload Docker, reload the configuration.
devops docker restart
Restart Docker, stop then start the Docker daemon
devops docker image pull
Pull a container image


Name Type Description Required
name string Name of the docker image to pull Required


dns array
Array of DNS ips to pass to Docker and each container.
extra_args string
Extra arguments to pass to the Docker service. E.g. "--insecure-registry x.y.z:5000".
inet boolean
Enable INET tcp for Docker service.
inet_ip string
IP address used to bind the Docker service.
inet_port string
PORT address used to bind the Docker service.
Default: 2375
registry_mirror string
Define the URL of the registry mirror to use.
sock boolean
Enable UNIX socket for Docker service.
Default: true