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CouchDB Official documentation


For better user experience you may prefer the use of the reload task instead of restart.


devops couchdb start
Start CouchDB if stopped
devops couchdb stop
Stop CouchDB if started
devops couchdb reload
Reload CouchDB, reload the configuration and perform a graceful restart
devops couchdb restart
Restart CouchDB, reload the configuration (but kills existing connection)
devops couchdb database backup
Backup database(s)


Name Type Description Required
name array Database name, if not defined it will backup all the databases
path string Path to destination folder of the backup


admin_pass string
Define the admin password
Default: admin
admin_user string
Define the admin username
Default: admin
bind_address string
The IP address to bind to.
enable integer
Define whether CouchDB should start at bood time
Default: 1
insecure boolean
Allow insecure setup (no admin user)
max_document_size integer
Maximum document size
Default: 4294967296
port integer
Listening port
Default: 5984
running_user string
Define the running user for the CouchDB process (it needs to exist)
Default: couchdb
stderr_file string
Where to send the process STDERR
Default: /dev/null
stdout_file string
Where to send the process STDOUT
Default: /dev/null