This feature is experimental: expect things to break and documentation to be innacurate and change inadvertantly. Use at your own risks.
  • backup


The backup service provides simple local backup for the services installed on the server. It relies on BackupAllTheThings. Consider this service only as a conveniency, not as a full-blown backup framework.

Backup support

Several of the databases available in come with a backup support among which:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • CouchDB
  • MongoDB
  • Redis

The backup files are then available by default in /opt/backup/YYYY/MM/DD/{service} in compressed archives.

The services for which the backup service is available are marked in the documentation.


Currently the following features are not supported:

  • remote storage
  • encryption
  • restore

You may want to rely on other backup frameworks to push the archives remotely and securely.

Restoring backup is still a manual task. You will have to perform it by yourself using the appropriate commands for each of the services.


devops backup run
Run the backup


Name Type Description Required
couchdb_dbs array List of the CouchDB databases to backup (default to all dbs)
files array List of all the files / folders to backup
mongodb_dbs array List of the MongoDB databases to backup (default to all dbs)
mysql_dbs array List of the MySQL databases to backup (default to all dbs)
path string Full path of the storage destination. See [documentation](
postgresql_dbs array List of the PostgreSQL databases to backup (default to all dbs)
redis_dbs array List of the Redis databases to backup (default to all dbs)
services array List of the services to backup


path string
Default path of the destination of the backup files
Default: /opt/backup/%Y/%m/%d
schedules array
List of schedules at which the backup will run via cronjob. Crontab Format (ex. 0 */2 * * *)