Create Linode API key

  1. Log on your Linode account

  2. On the top right of the window, click on my profile - you may be prompted to re-enter your password

    Linode API

  3. Click on the API Keys item in the sub menu

    Linode API keys

  4. Enter a new label (e.g. devops) and click on Create API key

    Linode API keys

  5. The API key is presented to you - save it.

    Linode API key

    Upon Save, you will be presented with your access key and secret key, beware you must write them down now as they won't be displayed to you anymore in the future. If you don't save those information, you will have to re-create a user.

  6. Go in your profile

    Click on Add a Cloud Provider, select Linode and enter the API key created in the previous step.